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Mankind and the grapevine have been intertwined since the beginning of recorded time. Pottery fragments have been found with the residue of wine dating back over 7,000 years. Poets from all ages have waxed words of favor and delight and thanks for the pleasures of wine. The great cleansing power of fermentation rendered wine to be safer to drink than even water for much of the world. And now medical studies, one after another, continue to grow the list of benefits of drinking wine in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Wine has a special relaxing place in a busy modern world. Wine is a direct expression of the soil and climate within which the grape grows, called terroir. And for at least 6,900 years wine grapes were grown naturally without any chemicals. But nowadays herbicides kill the weeds; toxic systemic fungicides control mildew and bunch rots, and an arsenal of pesticides stand ready to annihilate anything that moves. The romance of this health-giving nectar of the gods has been tainted, but it’s not over.

The best quality of grapes is no assurance to making great wines. So the other part of Fitzpatrick’s aggressive plan to take the quality of Fitzpatrick wines to a higher level continues in the winery with new state of the art Italian destemmer crusher, a new wine-friendly Italian peristaltic pump, new select French and American oak cooperage,  new hoses, fittings and a complete critique of winemaking operations.


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Scott Johnson
Fitzpatrick's Winemaker

Scott Johnson

Our consulting winemaker is Scott Johnson. He has a degree in viticulture and enology from UC Davis and has worked in wineries throughout California and New Zealand including Gloria Ferrer in Sonoma, Vineyard 29 in Napa, and Elephant Hill in Hawks Bay, New Zealand. He has turned his attention to the Sierra Foothills, where he was born and raised. Scott previously worked at David Girard, and currently is in charge of the winemaking at Perry Creek Winery. He has now joined up with us here at Gold Mountain Winery & Fitzpatrick, imparting a fresh, contemporary winemaking style.  





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